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1) You will receive a maximum of 26 page hit messages, so searching for a Surname (when there may be several hundred individuals with that name on the site) will only net the first 26 the search engine finds.

2) It may be better to Search ONE WORD names. In that case search for the Given Name since we know the Surnames on the Site.

3)  If searching for the full name, be sure to place a "+" sign between the first and last names.  Spaces cause multiple words to be searched, limiting the number of hits on all.   (Searching for "Cynthia Ann" will reference many "Cynthias" and many "Anns", but searching for Cynthia+Ann will find only the combination of the two names.  Or search for just "Cynthia" which will reference 26 "Cynthias" and Cynthia Ann will probably be among them.)

4) Names are not all you can search for.You may also search for a word, i.e., Melungeon.  Thiswill reference pages pertaining to the Melungeon people.

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