On September 29, 1998 I visited the Sparks Cemetery on Hood's Creek, Kentucky and other cemeteries in the Louisa, Blaine, Martha, Isonville area.

I stopped in a little country store near Martha, Kentucky. The "Pop case" sat in front of the left end of the counter, which was diagonally across one corner of the store. (It is strange to use that word "pop" again after being away from that area so long. I wonder where the phrase came from? Could it be because you "popped" the cap off the bottle?)

This little store was actually between Martha and Blaine. Two men named Skaggs were sitting on a wide window ledge in the front window. As I parked in front of the store, I could see the words "Isonville Volunteer Fire Dept." on the back of a red T-shirt which one was wearing, Johnny Boggs was sitting in a decrepit old overstuffed chair to one side and between the window and the counter. Johhny offered to take me to see a cemetery "full of Sparkses" up in the hills where it could only be reached in a "four wheeler". Time was too short at this point, but I plan to make that discovery trip in the spring.

You know, I don't exactly believe in re-incarnation, but I don't disbelieve it either. I think Edgar Cayce may not have been too far off. I almost felt like I had been some of those places before, and have always felt as if I knew some of the people and places I read about as I research this genealogy.

Speaking of "POP", when I was a "kid", I remember another little store on old US 52 between Portsmouth and Ironton, Ohio which had a sign out front which read: "We don't know where MOM is, but we've got POP ON ICE."

I grow nostalgic!! Until next time,


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