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John Samuel Creech and Nancy Boggs
and some of their children

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(1) John Samuel Creech and Nancy Boggs

Below are pictures of some of their children.
If anyone viewing these pictures has Photos of any others of their Children,  I would like to add them to this page.

(2) Creech Sisters, Anne, Lou and Ellen

(3) Creech sisters, Anne, Hannah, Ellen

(4) Annie (Creech) Ison.(5) and George W. Ison (6)
Anne Married George Washington Ison.   They were My Maternal Grandparents.
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(7) Hannah Creech,(8) Andrew Jackson Ison
She married Andrew Jackson Ison, brother to George Washington Ison
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(9) Hannah and Anne (Creech) Ison, With their young children
Scanned from an old "Tintype" Photograph
I believe the children to be (l to r) Isom T. and "Little Georgie" as Mom always referred to him.

Two other tintypes I found are seen below:
(10) I believe this is a young Anne Creech

(11) Anne (Creech) Ison with two of her children.
I think the older child is either Ira or John.  If the younger one is Georgie then it most certainly is John who was 3 years older.

Annie (Creech) Ison holding baby believed to be Clarence, b:1914,
                    with Hannah (Creech) Ison and her son, Isom T. Ison

(12) Lou Creech
In the picture of the three sisters above (2) My mother labled the picture "Aunt Lou".  I feel sure this was Louisa Jane Creech, who married George Washington Sparks.

(13) Ellen Creech (She married Isaac Pennington)
Ellen was known by my mother as "Aunt Ed" (As a child, I remember her because of the deformed lip)