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This Web Site is dedicated to helping persons of like interests whose family names are featured here, to find out more about their family background. This a totally free service and space for it is provided by my local service provider, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. I will accept family tree submissions which may be included here totally at my discretion. In other words I can't guarantee that every submission will be accepted.

Acceptance will depend on size, content and compatibility. I can not pay for any submissions but at the same time I will also guarantee that no one else will be required to pay for access to the contents of any submissions to these pages, contrary to what some commercial sites will try to do.

To qualify for acceptance, your submission should meet the following criteria:

1) Submission should be relavent to and compatible with current contents of the Site and should connect at some early point to the contents of one of the featured names.

2) Submission should contain several generations of one of the family names featured here (i.e. Sparks, Creech, Ison, etc. before branching off to a different surname.

3) That surname should not outwiegh the content of the page featured name. I reserve the right to limit acceptance to direct descendants of the line (not include siblings) at my discretion.

4) Submission must be in "GEDCOM" format only, attached to an E-mail giving permission to use.

If your submission is used, you will be given credit for it, and an E-mail link will be provided so that interested parties can contact you with queries.

I may not be able to use all submissions due to the limited space provided to me by my provider.

I also welcome comments, suggestions and corrections for any page.


Harold Sparks


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