Children of George Washington Ison & Anne Creech

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George Washington Ison & Anne Creech

Children of George Washington Ison and Anne Creech
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Front row: Hannah Ellen, Della Jane, Lillian
Back row: John, Clarence, Ira J., Enoch, Lonnie

Nancy Helen Ison, Died at age 21, Unmarried

George  (Washington ? )Ison, Died as an infant.

Two more pictures thought to be children of George and Anne (Creech) Ison.
One of them is probably William Ison who also died in infancy.  (Could the other be Mary Ann?  She died in infancy also)

Six of George W. Ison's Children.
Front row: Enoch Ison, Ira J. Ison, John Ison, Andrew McCarty
Back row: Iser Ison. Hannah Ison, Lillian Ison, Lonnie Ison

Iser Ison was a second cousin, once removed of the other Isons in the picture.
 Relationship of Andrew McCarty (if any) unknown.