Children Of Andrew Jackson Ison & Hannah Creech

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Old Home of Andrew Jackson Ison and Hannah Creech in Elliot Co. KY.

Back Row:  Elizza, Martha, Rebecca, Nannie, Bertha and Della Jane ?
Nannie and Della were children of George Washington Ison and Annie Creech

Front Row:  Nancy Helen, Isom T.,  Mary Frances
Standing behind Isom T. Is Emma

Nancy (Nannie) Ison,
Daughter of George Washington Ison and Annie Creech
Nannie died at the age of 21 of Typhoid Fever.

This portrait of Nannie Ison on the left is in the possession of Mom's brother, Clarence Ison.
The picture in the middle has been "cropped" from the family picture above.  The picture
on the right is her sister, Della Jane Ison, cropped from the group picture above.

There is no doubt about it. It is the same person as in the group photo above, the same hair style, the ribbons, the bun at the back.

In fact I would say the two pictures were taken the same day.  Nannie is prettier in the portrait.
In the group picture she was tightening her lips the way Mom used to do when she was photographed.

I am relatively sure that the photographer was my grandfather, George Washington Ison.  He was a professional photographer, who photographed the Ison and Creech families extensively.

Andrew Jackson Ison and George Washington Ison were brothers, who married Creech sisters, Hannah and Annie (Or Anne) Creech.  This made their children "double" first cousins.  A younger son of Andrew and Hannah, Ira Paulus Ison (Known as Ira P. to most of us) was the family genealogy historian for both the Ison and Creech clans, as well as many other Eastern Kentucky families.  He is responsible for much of the genealogy data on my web site.

Ira P. Ison
Well known Ison-Creech Genealogist
Son of Andrew J. Ison & Hannah Creech

Individual portraits cropped from the picture above are shown below:



Nancy Helen--------------------Mary Frances

  Emma-------------------------Isom T.

Isom T. at age 2 yrs.
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My thanks go to:

1) Rose and Bob Henson for copying the family picture and sending it to me.

2) George Keith Ison, my first cousin and son of my Uncle Clarence, Mom's brother, for scanning the picture of Nannie and sending it to me.  It hangs on the wall over Uncle Clarence's bed.

3) Thanks go to Marcella Winters for pictures of her grandfather Isom T. Ison (age 2 yrs), and the picture of Annie and Hannah (Creech) Ison with 10 yr. old Isom T. and baby Clarence Ison in Annie's arms, on the picture page of "Children of John Samuel Creech and Nancy Boggs.