Harold E. Sparks,
Author of this page

I am the son of James Edgar Sparks and Lillian Ison.

Lillian was the daughter of George Washington Ison and Annie Creech.

This page was intended to display the Ison and Creech Genealogy and that of connecting families.

This is a Sparks Genealogy Site

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This mountain cabin might be typical of some of those found in the hills of Eastern Kentucky a century or two ago.

The display represents the four seasons and a winter day and night scene.

Kentucky Mountain Home 

(Copyrighted by Harold E. Sparks)

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and Annie Creech
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The Henson Genealogy page has been moved to this site
Due to the many connections with
both the Ison and Creech families

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(This page originally had its own web site but was
moved here because of the many connections with
both the Ison and Creech Families)

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Isonville Post Office, 1942